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Under The Skin with Nicki Brady

We sat down with Nicki Brady; a simply gorgeous photographer with an eye for lifestyle imagery, about her skincare thoughts and routines. 

How has your skincare routine changed over the years?

I have always had a fascination with skincare. As a little girl, I remember sitting with my Godmother going through her bathroom vanity. She was so consistent with her skincare, never missing a step (even when we were away camping). She had such beautiful skin and a literal glow about her. I will never forget her telling me that one of the most important things I could do was look after my skin and body, She said: “it’s your home and it is going to be for a very long time so care for it”.

So you could say I have always tried to follow her advice with skincare, but I think as I have gotten older I am more intentional about what I use and why.

Have you had any surgical skin treatments?

No. I’m not saying I never will, but I haven’t and don’t have any desire to.

What do you think about Botox and fillers?

I think each to their own when it comes to using both. It is a completely personal choice when it comes to any treatments we receive, and only you can know why you want that treatment, and how you feel after it.

I have read a few things lately that covered statistics on how critical women are on themselves, how confident they feel without makeup and what women love or don’t love about themselves. I am not saying these stats necessarily correlate to getting Botox or fillers, but if a woman chooses to get either because they believe it will, or it does make them feel great — amazing for them.

So I guess my thoughts are; your body, your decisions. Do what feels right for you.

Which products are your daily go-to’s?

Consistently I use a cleanser, serum(s), eye cream, moisturiser, SPF and lip balm.

I do a fruit enzyme peel or mask once a week. I also love a good facial mist through summer, or when my skin has been overexposed to the elements in particular wind.



Which skincare routines do you do every day and night?

In the morning I place warm water on a muslin cloth and soak my face and neck. I honestly love doing this, I find it so calming to take big deep breathes as the warm cloth is pressed onto my face. I then apply my serums (my favourite is a hydration one), a light under-eye brightening cream, moisturiser and an SPF.

In the evening I use an oil cleanser, and then soak my skin. I apply a brightening serum (formulated with retinol), eye cream and then seal everything in with a crème moisturiser. I also apply a lash serum in the evenings.

I always make sure I bring product down my neck in the AM and PM, and a handy tip when moisturising is to not forget your ear lobes.

Any final words of skincare wisdom?

I personally see skincare as part of a bigger picture around wellness in general. I take a holistic view to looking after myself and believe caring for my body’s biggest organ (my skin) is incredibly important not just for today but for tomorrow, and every other day after that.

To me, wellness is made up of various components; its love and laughter, food, nutrition, hydration, movement, skincare, rest and sleep. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy having time off any one of those things, like slacking off on my water intake or eating some junk food or whatever. But if I do, I’m not going to be hard on myself if I then get a breakout, or have dry skin. I know my bigger picture and I just get back to that.

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