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Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp

PropoRelief Shampoo & Conditioner Key Benefits:

  • Gives a feeling of comfort, relieving the scalp.
  • Helps reduce appearance of sebum and flakes.
  • Supports healthy scalp function.
  • Helps preserve hair and scalp health long-term.


Suitable for:

  • High sebum production scalp types prone to oily hair.
  • Sensitive scalp.
  • Coloured hair and non-coloured hair.

Questions and Answers

  • What motivated the development of your scalp shampoo and conditioner using New Zealand sourced Propolis?

    Two years ago, the co-founder of Bees Brilliance, Julene, sat in a friend's house listening to her explain the scalp issues she was experiencing and how she could only use an imported shampoo from Europe. This sparked Julene's journey into uncovering why some people are more prone to irritated, dandruff-prone hair problems. We all have natural microbes that live on our scalp; however, some people have an overgrowth of different microbes, leading to scalp issues, including Malassezia, a microbe often responsible for scalp concerns. Propolis, an ingredient from the beehive, has been used for years to help scalp issues. After extensive testing on humans over the past two years, PropoRelief Shampoo and Conditioner was developed as a holistic scalp care solution that supports overall scalp health. Our commitment to natural remedies and promoting well-being guided us in making propolis a key ingredient in our innovative scalp care line.

  • What is Malassezia, and why is it significant in scalp care?

    Malassezia is a yeast-like fungus naturally found on the skin, including the scalp. Overgrowth can lead to scalp issues like dandruff and itching, making it essential to address for optimal scalp health.

  • How does Bees Brilliance's PropoRelief Shampoo and Conditioner address concerns associated with Malassezia?

    Our new PropoRelief Shampoo and Conditioner utilize the antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties of propolis to address issues related to Malassezia overgrowth effectively.

  • What are the specific benefits of Propolis in scalp care?

    Propolis boasts antifungal compounds like flavonoids and phenolic acids, soothing inflammation, and promoting scalp microbiome balance, resulting in a nourished, resilient scalp.

  • How do Bees Brilliance's Propolis Haircare products support the scalp and hair follicles?

    In addition to addressing specific concerns, our Propolis Shampoo and Conditioner provide essential nourishment, promoting overall hair health for a clean, hydrated, and revitalised scalp.

  • Why choose Bees Brilliance's Propolis Haircare for concerns related to Malassezia?

    Our Propolis Haircare line provides a natural, effective solution for scalp issues associated with Malassezia, supporting scalp and hair health.

  • Why is New Zealand Propolis unique?

    New Zealand Propolis has been found to contain high concentrations of Phenolic Acids, Flavonoids, and Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Esters, which are responsible for its natural protective properties. Over the years, propolis has been an effective treatment for dermatological issues, having antibacterial, antifungal, and healing properties.

Our Story

As a fourth-generation Beekeeper, Matthew's connection with honeybees runs deep. His family's legacy of beekeeping for over a century in the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand has instilled in him a profound appreciation for the wonders of nature.

Inspired by the hard work and harmony of honeybees and the beauty of their natural surroundings, Matthew and Julene embarked on a journey to create something extraordinary - Bees Brilliance skincare!

Their vision was clear: to harness the goodness of nature and craft skincare products that you'll fall head over heels in love with! From the luscious New Zealand Manuka Honey to the rejuvenating Kiwifruit Seed Oil, each ingredient is carefully selected to deliver outstanding results while being gentle on you and the environment.

Their passion for purity and sustainability reflects in every bottle and jar, ensuring that you get nothing but the best for your skin, your family, and our beautiful planet.