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Your Health Kit Essentials

I was recently preparing for a stay in hospital and realised most of my essentials were from our brand. When we introduced our Ultimate Wellness Collection, the priority was how our essentials can help you and your family stay safe. Once again, with our thoughts around health and safety heightened right now, I think having reliable basics in a kit works just as well at home. So here are my tips for a health kit that will no doubt come in handy at home or away for many of us during the coming months;


Ear Plugs/Eye Mask

Whether you're stuck in a room with a snorer or have to travel somewhere unexpected, having a physical way to shut out the world is a sanity saver. If you have small ears like me, I recommend finding the extra thin ones online as they're far more comfortable. I also recently stumbled upon an eye mask that doesn't press on your eyelids which was quite the game-changer!

Where to buy:

Somni Sleep Mask (NZ brand)

Mack's Slim Fit Ear Plugs


Hand Sanitiser & Cloth Mask Refresher Spray

High-quality sanitisers that don't dry out your hands are the golden ticket of pandemic times. Our Manuka Sanitising Spray not only ticks both those boxes but smells so much nicer than the generic ones and doesn't leave a sticky residue either. Our Cloth Mask Refresher Spray is made for people who are at work or doing errands and want a way to freshen up their masks during the day when they can't change to a clean one. We always recommend washing your cloth masks on a hot wash at the end of each day, so you know the mask is safe to reuse. 

Where to buy: 

Manuka Sanitising Spray

Cloth Mask Refresher Spray


Water Bottle

Having a water bottle with me reminds me to drink more often, and when you're away from home, it's even more convenient. Plus, you can pop a few ice cubes in there to entice you to drink more frequently. 

Where to buy: 

Contigo Autoseal Water Bottle


An Easy/Feel-Good Book

It felt like fate when I saw that Marian Keyes had written a sequel to my favourite book, 'Rachel's Holiday' (twenty years after the first one was published too!). Find an easy book that you know won't take you through a harrowing rollercoaster of emotions. This isn't the time for a serious story unless that's what relaxes you - do what floats your boat!

Where to buy: 

'Again, Rachel' - Marian Keyes


Antibacterial Hand Wash

We all know to sing 'Happy Birthday' twice while washing our hands but do you have a good quality antibacterial hand wash in your kit? Get one that doesn't strip your skin of its natural protection (oils) but still kills germs, and your hands will thank you. 

Where to buy: 

Antibacterial Hand Wash


Cosy Slippers

Being away or even being home in quarantine can be scary. Make sure to add some essentials that make you feel safe and cosy. I opted for my snuggliest jersey and Ugg boot slippers, but for you, it might mean bringing your favourite throw or coffee mug. When you're away from home, it's the simplest things that give us comfort. Make sure you prioritise those items too.

Where to buy: 

Ankle UGG Boots


Throat Spray


A good throat spray is super handy to have whether you're away or at home. Our Propolis Throat Spray is formulated to help support your oral health and aid symptoms such as a dry, raspy throat.

Where to buy: 

Propolis Throat Spray

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