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The Beauty of Simple Skincare

I used to be someone who had a skincare routine that involved at least seven steps. Then I got into my mid-thirties and reevaluated what was and what wasn't working for my new skin. Because as we get older our skin changes dramatically. 

Our hormones have a big part to play in this and whether your cis male or female, it still affects your skin. It then makes sense to take time to look at whether our current products are still suitable or whether we need to make some changes. 

My first priority was finding a moisturiser that didn't inflame my skin, it was always super oily but now would be considered 'normal'. With rosacea, I have to be really careful not to trigger it with harsh ingredients. I always go for a lightweight moisturiser for daily use - our Instant Hydra Firming Shot is my current go-to. 

I was determined to create a new routine that was as ethically made and with as few steps as possible. Finding good quality products that worked for my skin now, took me a few weeks of testing and experimenting but was well worth it. Not only does it now cost me less but has made a considerable difference to the look and texture of my face. 

The new routine has a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and SPF. Boom. 💥 I still add the odd vitamin C serum or face mask to the mix but I'm really happy with the current results. I know I'm a wee bit biased but I'm really excited to work for a company whose products I like so much that I use them myself. 😍

So here's my current simple skincare routine (mid 30's, 'normal' skin, rosacea and sensitive).

Cleanser: Manuka Honey Foaming Facial Cleanser

Toner: Beauty Elixir Mist

Moisturiser: Instant Hydra Firming Shot

SPF: Avene Sunscreen 50+

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