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No One Can Bee As Great As You!

We recognise the importance of pampering those mother-figures in your lives, and the happiness that accompanies treating them to some well-deserved self-care.  
That's why we're excited to present our skincare sets as the perfect Mother's Day gifts, tailored to streamline their skincare rituals and enhance those small moments of relaxation. Every set is meticulously crafted to offer either a complete or indulgent regimen, guaranteeing she has all the essentials for glowing and deeply nourished skin.

With its convenient sizes, this set offers on-the-go luxury for Mum’s hands and lips with our Manuka Blossom Honey Lip Balm & Hand Cream set. Our delicious Super-Fruity Lip Rescue is filled with high-quality and hydrating ingredients including beeswax and manuka honey. The Manuka Blossom Hand Cream is enriched with avocado oil and New Zealand Manuka Honey provides moisture to the skin and keeping the skin hydrated and soft. 
Last year’s customer favourites have been put together in a convenient set. Our Healing Hand and Body Cream, with our 100% natural Mango & Coconut lip balm create the nourishing duo, offering a complete solution for achieving beautifully nurtured skin and lush, hydrated lips. 
Lift your skincare routine with this timeless set that has won the admiration of our customers, guaranteeing an ongoing indulgence in the benefits of these two outstanding products.
For the Mum with Sensitive Skin, we offer a Daily Essentials Set – perfect for boosting her daily skincare routine with the tender care of our Sensitive Skin Daily Essentials Set, ensuring her skin feels good, nourished, and well-cared-for day after day.
Our Manuka Blossom Handwash and Hand Cream Set is the perfect everyday indulgence for hands, making it an excellent and thoughtful gift this Mother's Day. Treat her to a nourishing hand care routine infused with the natural goodness of New Zealand Manuka Honey, complemented by a beautifying touch that leaves behind a gorgeous, lingering floral scent

These sets provide the perfect way to offer your appreciation to all of the mother-figures in your life. To the single mums, the step-mums, the not-yet mums, the angel mums, the dads who are also mums, those without mums and those who help you to be the best mum. Take the time out this Mother's Day to treat the wonderful ladies who have made a positive impact on your life.

Happy Mother’s Day,
Bees Brilliance.

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