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Health & Wellness

Since March this year we've all had to prioritise health in our communities, whether we wanted to or not. All those people who used to carry hand-sanitisers in their handbags? They're no longer mis-diagnosed as OCD, they're just doing their bit to help prevent the spread of COVID. There's something to be said for our 'new normal' - our hygiene practices have improved ten-fold!

With these massive changes, our business has rolled out our ultimate business pivot. Fortunately enough we had already begun to formulate our new range before March, which has helped us launch our Health & Wellness range earlier than we had planned. Being able to provide hand sanitisers to pharmacies across the Nelson region in March is a great source of pride for us.

As much as our skincare ranges are a large part of our ongoing brand, this new range has us excited for new reasons; we're able to help keep you and your family safe. That's not something we've been able to say or do before and it's a really great feeling. So without further ado, let me introduce to you our Health & Wellness stars...

1. Manuka Honey Sanitiser Spray



Designed and formulated to kill up to 99% of germs on your hands, shopping trolley, cellphone or other surfaces. This is my go-to in the car, before I leave it and when I return. I also decided to pop another bottle in my handbag as I noticed many stores, malls and cafes seem to be a bit slack on keeping theirs replenished. When you don't have access to water (washing your hands properly is the optimum way to protect yourself and others) then this is a fantastic option. On top of being the least drying sanitiser I've put on my hands, this is by far the best smelling one I've come across too. And if you're using it often, those two features are worth their weight in gold (although I'm still liberally applying my Manuka Blossom Hand Cream each night before bed).  

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2. Antibacterial Hand Wash


When you're home or in the office, our Antibacterial Hand Wash is an easy way to make sure your skin is clean but also hydrated. It smells so good that I actually look forward to singing 'Happy Birthday' twice. Simple, great value and highly effective which all you could really ask from a hand wash!

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3. Healing Hand & Body Lotion

I've always been a big fan of a body lotion without fragrance (hands-up who is also in the sensitive skin club?). I used to get a prescription for one but kept forgetting to ask my Dr to renew it, so this is a fantastic solution for me. It's extremely hydrating, gentle on the skin and in a big tub to keep in the bathroom for after your shower or bath when your skin is ready for a moisturising boost. Knowing I'm supporting a NZ made product is a pretty great bonus too. 

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4.  Propolis Throat Spray



After a big day of meetings or answering 1,000 questions from our kids (or grandchildren) sometimes your throat needs a bit of love. That's what this spray is for, it soothes a sore throat and allows you to continue on with your day in more comfort. Think of a tried and true hot lemon and honey drink in a convenient mobile bottle. 

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That's the lineup so-far - if you have any suggestions for products you've been wanting, please comment below. You never know, we might even have it on our list to formulate too!

As usual, please stay safe, wash those hands and don a mask when going out. We've got this - Kia kaha everyone. ❤️

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