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Are you Addicted to Your Lip Balm?

We've all heard our friend say, "I'm so addicted to my new lip balm", but can you actually be addicted to a lip balm or is it all just anecdotal evidence gone awry? 

You might be surprised to find that science says...

It really depends on a few factors; the ingredients, climate, hydration and psychology. So let's get into the nitty-gritty of how lip balm can help or hinder your lip health.

What's hiding inside your lip balm?

The ingredients that brands decide to pop in your favourite lip balm makes a big difference to whether it is helping or hindering those cracked smackers. 

Try and look for ingredients that are more naturally derived (like moisturising beeswax!). Our Bees Brilliance lip balm includes castor seed oil & carnauba wax, which leave a water-resistant film on the skin, to help protect the top layer of the skin.

If your lip balm is flavoured, it might be causing your to lick your lips more often, which removes the protective oils and dehydrates your lips. Lovely smells are usually OK, but we'd recommend you steer clear of tasty treat balms. 


Where do you live?

It sounds obvious, but If you live in a dryer climate, then you're going to need to add protective layers to your skin. People who live in more humid climates gain moisture from their environment, so the temperature is actually less of an indication. Hot or cold, always wear an SPF on exposed skin when outside and when there is less moisture in the air, make sure you compensate with some fab hydration.  

Water, water everywhere and not enough to (remember?) to drink

I know we go on about it a bit here at Bees Brilliance, but after SPF, it's our most universally true piece of advice to give you. What you eat and drink makes a HUGE difference to your skin health, and as your lips are more delicate areas (without direct oil glands to help them out), they need your help. Drink lots of water regularly - downing a 2-litre bottle at 5pm when you're dehydrated isn't a great idea, so try to bring a water bottle with you that remind you to drink more often. Fruits and vegetables have loads of great minerals and vitamins for your skin and are also full of water. 

If you're feeling thirsty, your skin is too - enjoy that H2O and try to find ways, so hydration becomes a habit. 

Is it all in your head?

Perhaps. Whilst lip balms don't contain chemically addictive ingredients, you can definitely overuse them. Avoiding lip balms with flavours will help prevent you from removing them too often, but some people lick their lips when they're anxious. Instead of seeing your lip balm as the culprit, you might want to evaluate your own mental health. Whether that means taking more breaks from screens, spending time doing relaxing activities or downloading a meditation app, treating the actual cause of your anxiety is always going to be the most effective answer.

Lips are such an essential part of our body that we often forget about them, but having a few tins of a high-quality lip balm (I put one of our Lip Rescues in my bag, car and beside my bed) can really help remind you to give them some TLC. After all, your lips express your love to others through words and/or kisses. Maybe it's time you gave them some love too! 💋 


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