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A Simplistic 5 Minute Guidebook To Pores

What are pores (and should I care about them?)

Pores are small openings in our skin, at the top of our hair follicles. It’s also where sebum (natural oils) are released to help moisturise our skin.

Why and how can they become an issue?

Depending on your genetics, age, condition of your skin (too oily or too dry) they can appear larger. Environmental factors can also exaggerate the appearance of your pores. Plus they can get clogged up with day-to-day life and house happy little blackheads. Yuck.

So… what’s the magic fix?

Much like most health advice, consistent self-care is what we’d recommend. Don’t overdo it, in-fact over-cleansing can make your skin overproduce sebum and cause even more trouble.

Tip #1

Cleanse twice a day – keeping your skin clean and removing your SPF and/or makeup is super important.

Tip #2

Apply your SPF all year round (we know you’ve heard us preach this constantly but it’s true!). Sun damage breaks collagen down which can lead to weird-looking pores.

Tip #3

One of the reasons we formulated our Kiwifruit & Charcoal Face Mask is because of pore worries from you ladies. Using a trusted product with Activated Charcoal is a game-changer. It helps to detoxify your skin and draws our bacteria while minimising the appearance of your pores.
Whilst you can’t change your genetics, a few simple steps over time will drastically improve your skin. Minimise those pores!


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